An argument about the popularity of performance enhancing supplements for the athletes

Performance enhancing drugs have become such a big issue in modern sport. In this paper I will argue that the use of Steroids, or any performance enhancing drug is both illegal and cheating, and that by no means should be allowed in sports at any competitive level.

An argument about the popularity of performance enhancing supplements for the athletes

Messenger The World Athletics Championships are currently in full flow. Three other athletes in the final — Mike Rodgers, Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell — had also received previous bans for doping.

Almost everyone seems to be in agreement that performance-enhancing drugs are a blight on competitive sport. Two major claims underpin the aversion to this use of drugs. The first is that it is cheating. The second is that performance-enhancing drugs threaten the health of athletes.

But is either claim persuasive? Using drugs is unfair The problem is not that athletes try to gain an advantage over their competitors by enhancing their performance. We praise them for doing so, and it is the main goal that athletes set for themselves.

The complaint is not against performance enhancement, but the method by which it is achieved. The real concern behind the cheating claim is that athletes who use drugs are gaining an unfair advantage by accessing something not available to those who follow the rules.

Those who use drugs prosper at the expense of those who play fair.


But things are murkier than they seem. How interested are we in fairness in sport? Athletes try to enhance their performance in many ways: All of these are used to gain an advantage, which is often unfair because, like drugs, they are available to some — wealthy athletes rather than cheats — but not to everyone.

The Tour de France, a sporting event well known for drug use, would not suddenly become a level contest if drug use disappeared. The race winner has his performance enhanced by the quality of his team. The Tour would only be a true test of individual riders if teams were banned.

An argument about the popularity of performance enhancing supplements for the athletes

Performance is also unfairly enhanced when governments fund athletes. The advantage gained through financial support might be different to that gained by drug use because it is not achieved through underhand means. But, if fairness is our goal, the source of the disadvantage is secondary.

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So, if our objection to drugs is that they create an unfair advantage, consistency demands we apply the same standard to many other aspects of athletic competition. There seems to be no reasonable justification for drawing a line in the sand that places drug use on one side and the above-mentioned performance enhancers on the other.

Given that drugs are significantly cheaper than psychologists, permitting their use might actually level out the playing field for poorer athletes. Finally, if fairness is our major concern we can easily solve the problem by lifting the prohibition — thus making drugs available to all athletes. Removing the prohibition might make things fairer but it would come at a heavy price.

In response to this objection, ethicist Julian Savulescu has argued that performance-enhancing drugs are not particularly dangerous, and if their use was no longer clandestine they would be safer still.

Is harm prevention a reasonable justification for limiting drug use in sport? One thing to bear in mind is that the very act of participating in many sporting activities is dangerous.

Climbing, boxing, mixed martial arts, rugby, AFL, NFL, cricket, horse riding and many other sports can cause significant physical harms and sometimes result in death. There is no rush to ban people from climbing Mount Everest even though it is far more dangerous than taking EPO.

Still, NFL athletes are allowed to collide with great force every week.

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It is certainly not obvious that performance-enhancing drugs cause more damage than high-impact sports. I have not suggested that drug use should be permissible in sport because there might be persuasive arguments for proscription I have not addressed.Allowing performance enhancing drugs in sports is an ethically sound solution when having to deal with the fairness.

Another possible solution is to administer drug testing among athletes. It performance enhancing drugs was to become legalized then those who chooses not to used them will not be able to compete.

There is the argument. Why are we so opposed to performance-enhancing drugs in lead to greater harm to athletes, but for the sake of argument let’s assume Savulescu is wrong and accept that drug use is risky. "When used by fully trained, elite athletes, [performance-enhancing] drugs can improve performance to a much greater extent than any combination of the most intensive, sophisticated, and costly nonpharmaceutical interventions known to modern sports science.

But the argument that the small number of athletes testing positive is . Amateur Status Still at the Heart of High School Sports.

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The popularity and interest in sports is the caveat for professional athletes to be widely targeted for product and service endorsements hoping to commercialize on an individual’s exploits and popularity.

The usage, amongst athletes, of performance enhancing drugs continues to increase. [tags: athletes, popularity, suspension] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | - Performance Enhancing Supplements Northeastern junior Colin Magee is like other athletic students around campus.

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